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  At Five Petals, you will find a wide range of Natural & Organic cosmetics and clean beauty products.
My name is Bridget Perna and I'm a licensed Cosmetologist since 2001
I have 2 boys. My youngest son Joey was what inspired me in creating the Five Petals Natural & Organic cosmetics brand. Many people were asking, “Why did you decide to embark into the world of cosmetics?”
Well, let me tell you why…
When my youngest son was about 3 years old he wasn't speaking and developing as his peers were. So like any parent, we went to our pediatrician and explained to him my son’s condition. He brushed us off and simply said that he is fine and he would speak soon. He emphasized that each child develops at different times. While we believed that this is true, we still wanted some answers and a clear explanation as to why my son is developing slowly.
So, we continued on our journey to figure out what was really going on. We decided to take him to a Traditional Naturopath. Interestingly, the naturopath explained to us that the foods my son was eating were affecting his gut, as well as what was being translated through to his brain. She suggested that we eliminate gluten, dairy, soy and all dyes from his diet.
We did what she said. We shifted to a healthy diet and removed the common allergens from his meals. Little by little, we noticed improvements in our little boy that we didn't think we would see. Fast forward to today, my son has made significant progress.
What happened to my son got me thinking about the connection of food with his development and overall well-being. Thus, I started reading every food label to make sure that we, as a family, aren't ingesting all these chemicals. My rule is: “If I don't know what it is or if I can't pronounce it, then we shouldn't be eating it.”
Meanwhile, I noticed my skin was always clogged and breaking out. So I thought to myself, if I am concerned about the chemicals I am ingesting from food, why am I not bothered about the chemicals that I am applying on my face and body?”
So I started reading and did some research about the makeup I was using, only to find out that they are filled with chemicals and pore-clogging ingredients that are negatively affecting my skin!
From then on, I was on a mission to find the best ingredients! My skin has never looked so good!
Did you know that up to 64% of the products we apply on our skin get absorbed in our body? Just imagine all the chemicals and toxins that go straight to your bloodstream and affect your overall well-being from the conventional cosmetic products you’re using!
At Five Petals, we carry a wide range of cosmetic products that are chemical-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, and vegan — which makes them very safe to use even to the most sensitive skin. Our products are made from organic plants, fruits, and oils, they won’t irritate your skin and leave your pores clogged, dry, and dirty. Plus, if they get absorbed inside your body, you don’t have to worry because they’re free from chemicals, parabens and harmful ingredients.
By choosing quality Natural & Organic cosmetics from Five Petals, you significantly reduce the chemical burden of your body. So make the switch now! Choose Natural & Organic. Choose Five Petals.
*Please note we are not here to diagnose 
*Your allergies are your responsibility and we advise that you make sure to read all our ingredient labels.